The hospital management project business unit handles the management of certain divisions within a particular hospital.

The contractual agreement is responsible for all the aspects of that business to include; the management, the personnel, the investment, the finances, all the way to the contract with third-party payers.

This BU mainly focuses on the Dialysis business with our sister company Hemopack (I referred to the name as mentioned in the hemo section), or is directly involved in the management of LDL and Lipid aphaeresis centers, blood bank units, MRI centers, and Cardiac Cath Lab centers.

Each of the above centers operates separately with their own medical teams and technicians.

LDL Apheresis Center in Daher El Bacheck Governmental University Hospital (DEB)

Benta Trading is solely managing the DEB LDL apheresis center which is the only center in Lebanon to treat all patients suffering from familial hypercholesterolemia and not responding to lipid-lowering drugs and dealing with different insurance and reimbursement bodies to treat “this disease of hereditary and congenital high LDL and Cholesterol levels and that usually can not be treated with classical lipid-lowering agents.

This center is using all advanced and high Tech Techniques whether in the “selective plasma LDL separation” with the DALI technique from Fresenius or the cascade filtration using Infomed Equipment.