Our interest and focus are to keep and constantly improve the high quality and efficiency of our services.

We maintain a high staff/patient ratio above industry standards. This ratio allows our trained and professional staff to give patients more individualized care and to provide them with a high level of comfort and safety.

We are determined to deliver the highest quality of hemodialysis, based on our high standards and ethics to each patient. We will seek in every way to offer care without compromise, effectively employ the right resources, and strive to be a progressive and competitive company.

Our Centers

In 2003, Hemopack, a sister company specialized in high-efficiency hemodialysis,started its operations as the first and largest company to own and operate dialysis centers in Lebanon.

Hemodialysis operated in seven centers in the following strategic locations:

  • Nini Hospital (Tripoli)
  • Koura Hospital (Koura)
  • Hospital Notre Dame Maritime (Jbeil)
  • Hospital Libano-Francais (Zahle)
  • The Middle East Institute of Health (Bsalim)
  • Saint Therese¬†Hospital (Beirut)
  • Libano Canadian¬†(Sin El Fil)